PORTMANN Men’s 4″ | Premium Nobuck Water Repelent Chukka Boots | Desert Chukka Boots | ExtraLight Sole | Made In Europe. (43 EU/9 UK, Oiled Black Nubuck)

Price: £43.00
(as of Oct 13,2018 00:58:01 UTC – Details)

Making shoes is not just a business it’s an art form….


‧ Leonardo da Vinci described the human foot as “a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art” We’ve been making shoes for nearly 50 years this is our art and heritage. Over that time, we’ve refined our classic techniques, developed cutting-edge technologies, and crafted shoes that effortlessly combine style and comfort. Meet a few of our very own experts, who continue the tradition of designing shoes that are unmistakably famous as PORTMANN. Everything starts with the Last-makers; Mario is making it almost since day one. The last is what is used to determine the shape of a finished shoe.. It’s an expertly crafted, exactly-measured object, and in its own, humble way, a thing of real beauty. Every single last has been made by hand, in CARVALHINHOS Factory in Portugal. Another key for success is sourcing materials. The leather we use is checked for quality by hand. Every pair of leather shoes we make, is constructed using leather from a single hide – ensuring a perfect matching finish on each shoe.

• * CORK INERSOLE. Cork begins to spring back when the pressure is removed. Return to original form from 97% to 100%.
• LIGHT WEIGHT- Cork is extremely light.
• LOW CORK THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY The cell construction provides protection property against Hot n Cold.
• VIBRATION ABSORBER – CORK Essentially acts as an “air cushion”, absorbing vibrations and direct impacts.
• ANTI-STATIC- Prevent electrical shock, static shock eliminator.
• WARM- To sight and touch, natural cork has a soft, porous and dry touch.
• NO COLOR TRANSFER- Can be wear in contact with skin, natural material always has appealing colour patterns.
•ANTIBACTERIAL- Inhibits the ability of microorganisms to grow on is surface.• Every PORTMANN product must meet the highest standards for comfort, support, durability, fit and performance. From initial sketches to final inspection, hundreds of steps take place before a pair of our shoes will make their way onto your feet.
• Handcrafted in Europe with Genuine Leathers, offers unparalleled beauty, fit, and resistance to stretching better comfort and inshoe breathing. Cutting edge, cork insoles*.(see cork features below)
• Traditional assembly welt stitched to the sole, an old way of stitching shoes, very durable and comfortable. PU Soles, Superb Resilient, Lightweight, Grip and Durability..
• When you’re in need of walking shoes, golf shoes, oxfords, boots or just everyday casual styles, Meticulously crafted and designed to fit like a glove so you can focus on the more important things in life.
• Advanced athletic technologies in casual shoes to achieve lightweight comfort, and engineer walking comfort in dress, casual and golf shoes.

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