Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Canvas Golf Shoes

There is so much to choose from when you go shopping for golf footwear that it can leave you wondering about the best choice. Many golfers would swear by tradition when it comes to their golf gear, while others do believe that the choice should be more about comfort than about any trend be it old or new. Such people tend to wear canvas on the golf course. Canvas shoes have been used in various aspects of sports for many years, and today canvas is used to manufacture golf shoes as well. Canvas is a very cheap material that shoes are produced with, and it offers comfort as well, thanks to the light weight. So many companies have gotten into making golf shoes with canvas.

The advantages of canvas footwear for golf

Price is probably the biggest advantage of using canvas shoes rather than say leather, which is a much more expensive material. Canvas shoes are any day way cheaper than leather shoes. When you save some money on shoes you could spend more on some other gear such as the best gloves you could get. Canvas is a light material that allows good ventilation for the feet, and that’s why so many sports make the use of these shoes On a dry and hot day, canvas shoes will allow you to walk around the course in comfort, without getting your feet wet with perspiration. And then, canvas shoes are made in a range of styles and designs, so there is something for everybody in them.

The disadvantages of canvas foot wear for golf

Canvas shoes can never be all weather since they are not water profit sounds awesome when you think of walking around with light shoes that allow your feet to relax, but then if you will need to step into water you will begin to regret buying canvas. And then, so many of us play in the early mornings when the grass on the course is drenched with a layer of dew. If you are one of these golfers who prefer to play in the mornings then canvas unfortunately is not for you. Dew can seep into the canvas making you feel rather uncomfortable. Wet feet as we all know can become uncomfortably painful rather more quickly than dry feet. Although canvas is a durable material, the life that leather gives you is far superior. However, the lower cost of canvas can balance this effect. Still, it just may cost you more than leather if you run out of shoes quickly. So before you go shopping, do consider these advantages and disadvantages. Given all the disadvantages of canvas, people still love the light weight. And then, the shorter life means you can get brand new shoes at a higher frequency at a low price.

Original article by Abhishek Agarwal

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